Little Paws Rescue

British Columbia's Small Dog Rescue

Little Paws Rescue Society started in 1998 in the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland region. Julia Beaton and Diana Sinfield were busy fostering and finding homes for Papillons and soon became involved in the re-homing of other small dogs in need. Things became too busy for the two of them to handle, so foster homes were needed. Ideas for fund raising were discussed and implemented and they decided on the name "Little Paws Rescue Society".

As the key players in Little Paws Rescue Society, Julia and Diana take seriously their responsibilities concerning this organization. At any given time you will find one or more dogs being fostered in their homes. As volunteers themselves, they work hard to understand and encourage the people volunteering with them. All monetary matters are handled by them. They take the lead and are directly involved in all decisions made in regards to the dogs coming into rescue, the dogs' care, home checks and placements.

Life is busy at Little Paws Rescue Society and sometimes overwhelming, but the reward comes when one more second hand dog is placed in a secure, loving , permanent home. An adopted "second hand" dog can make an excellent pet. With sensitivity, patience and basic training you'll have a first-rate pet.


Your Donations Help !

Help us offset medical, dental, grooming and food expenses.

Little Paws Rescue Society is fortunate to have a hard-working group of volunteers who consistently make the effort to raise money to help with rescue costs. Thank you to those who are always out there gathering goods for garage sales and basket raffles, those who spend hours sewing dog blankets and those who give us an opportunity to set up our booth at their events.

Other people help by donating money to the cause, a little or a lot, it is all appreciated. Little Paws Rescue Society has been fortunate enough to have a fundraising event put on to specifically benefit our cause.

Little Paws Rescue Society welcomes and appreciates any donations to help with medical & grooming expenses.

Another way Little Paws Rescue Society stays financially viable is through its adoption fee which are specific to the dog being adopted. Fees go directly toward the veterinary costs of dogs in our rescue. We do ask more for young, healthy dogs to offset the greater expense of the older and special needs canines. When a dog is adopted, the new owner becomes part of the rescue effort.